We have conducted groundwater projects in over 2000 locations in Finland. Most of the recent projects are provided as turnkey-service that consists of consulting, survey and well drilling.

Examples of wide ranging groundwater and artificial groundwater projects


  • Tuusula Region Water utility federation of municipalities: Groundwater surveys at Koskenmäki, Paippinen, Björkbacka and Kellokoski.
  • Salo water utility: Groundwater surveys at Kulmala, Kärkkä and Kurjanpahna.
  • Tampere water utility: Groundwater surveys at Hyhky and Mustalampi.
  • Kangasiemi: Groundwater surveys.
  • Hattula: Groundwater surveys at Marttaristi.
  • Jalasjärvi: Groundwater surveys at Koskue and Mustalampi.
  • Savitaipale: Groundwater surveys at Mustalampi.
  • Nurmijärvi: Nummenpää groundwater surveys.
  • Masku: Alho-Humikkala and Takkulan-Sipilä groundwater surveys.
  • Suonenjoki: Lintharju groundwater surveys.
  • Saarijärvi water utilities Oy: Ahvenlampi and Ahonkylä groundwater surveys.
  • The rural municipality of Jyväskylä: Tyyppälä groundwater surveys.
  • Muurame: Innalahti and Kinkomaa groundwater surveys.
  • Joensuuu water utility: Lykynvaara, Erolanniemi and Aajeenmäki groundwater surveys.
  • Kokkola: Patamäki and Saarikangas groundwater surveys.
  • Groundwater research guidance and assesment at Hanoi, Vietnam.
  • Latvian groundwater surveys at Daugavpils.

Artificial groundwater

  • Kymenlaakso Water Oy: Kuivalan artificial groundwater survey.
  • Turku region water Ltd.: Virttaankangas artificial groundwater survey.
  • Tuusula Region Water utility federation of municipalities: Jäniksenlinna and Rusutjärvi artificial groundwater survey.
  • Jyväskylä energy group: Muuratharju and Vuonteenharju artificial groundwater surveys.
  • The rural municipality of Jyväskylä: Kaivovesi artificial groundwater survey.
  • Rauma: Järilänvuori artificial groundwater survey.
  • Mikkeli: Pursiala artificial groundwater survey.
  • Saarijärven water utilities Oy: Mannila artificial groundwater survey.
  • We participatet to research project “Water recharge effects on soil, flora and groundwater quality” conducted by Finnish Forest Research Institute, 1999.
  • We participated to a wide research project ”Artificial recharge of groundwater: infiltration techics, soil processes and water quality. Our part was to model and define the hydraulics of artificial groundwater recharge in aquifers by measuring groundwater flow velocity and direction.