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Veli Reijonen Oy


Construction of new wells

  • Well size: NS 50 - NS 500
  • Well yield: up to 20 000 m3/d
  • Three different screens: Fluxscreen-‘horizontal slit’, Fluxscreen-MAXI ja Fluxscreen-SLIM
  • Computer aided well and screen dimensioning
  • Test pumping of a completed well with a continous measurement system
  • Modern and efficient machinery suitable for wide range of soil types

Renovation of wells in commision

  • Well yield measurements and condition assesments
  • Repairs of damaged wells
  • Extraction of iron and manganese from screen well with mechanical or chemical two component flush

Extraction of iron and manganese from water in soil

Test drilling and observation wells

  • Our machinery includes light, midweight and heavy drilling rigs
  • Test drilling of soil
  • Soil sample gathering
  • Observation well construction 

Patents and machinery 

Patented VYR- and different level pumping for extraction of iron and manganese are internationally recognized. Patented Fluxscreen screens are the most used well screens in Finland. We have designed and constructed heavy hydraulic drilling rigs for well drilling, test drilling and soil mapping.